Asbestos Management Plans

The duty to manage asbestos under Regulation 4 of The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 isn’t fully met by a survey report alone.  There are a number of other requirements laid down by Regulation 4 which can only be satisfied by the production of a management plan.  Environmental Services have written bespoke asbestos management plans for numerous clients over the years, from local councils and privately funded schools, to businesses in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.  We liaise closely with clients to understand the business and ask for their input and feedback throughout the process.  The result is a management plan which the client understands how to use and is workable.  For complete reassurance that every aspect of their duties under Regulation 4 have been addressed, many clients employ Environmental Services to carry out the required six monthly review of their management plan, often in conjunction with the periodic reinspection of their asbestos materials (required every 12 months as a minimum).  Combining these activities further reduces the financial burden placed on businesses to comply with Regulation 4.

Did you know?

Regulation 4 ‘Duty to Manage’ was first introduced in the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2001 and has been law since May 2004.

You are required to review your asbestos management plan every six months. It makes sense for every other review to be undertaken at the same time as your 12-monthly reinspection of your asbestos materials.

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For clients who choose to carry out their own management plan reviews and periodic reinspections of asbestos materials, Environmental Services aim to make these processes as straight forward as possible by providing editable PDF documents as part of our management plan package.  Each assist in meeting different requirements and include the following:

  • A form to record the findings of, and remedial action following, the six monthly review of the management plan
  • A form to record the findings of, and remedial action following, the periodic reinspection of asbestos materials
  • A form to record the action taken, route cause analysis and subsequent recommendations when an asbestos material is damaged or found and not detailed on in the asbestos register
  • A form to send to contractors, which they return, to acknowledge the asbestos register has been consulted and record any action required.  This may include, asbestos requires removal before work can commencing, or that the asbestos in the working area is not due to be disturbed.

For a brief over view of the requirements of Regulation 4, as detailed in an Environmental Services’ asbestos survey report, please click here.

To read Regulation 4 and the guidance for compliance, written by the HSE in its publication L143 Managing and working with asbestos, please click here