Environmental Services are proud to have a long history with Okehampton Town Council assisting them over the years with sample collection and analysis, management asbestos surveys and area specific refurbishment/demolition asbestos surveys prior to structural alterations. When required, we have also liaised with sub contractors to ensure they, as well as the Council, have maintained compliance with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.


As a proactive Town Council on matters relating to health and safety, Environmental Services were asked by Town Clerk Emma James to provide assistance with the writing of an asbestos management plan. While the asbestos materials within the Town Council’s properties were small in number, and rated as low or very low risk when using the HSE’s algorithms for making such assessments, Emma was acutely aware of the Council’s obligations under Regulation 4, Duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises. While numerous health and safety measures were already in place, such as ensuring contractors consulted the relevant asbestos register prior to working, Emma felt that by adopting a management plan written by Environmental Services, the authority could demonstrate they were doing even more than was currently the case/necessary under the regulations.


With Emma’s input, Environmental Services produced a tailor made management plan which has been implemented at Okehampton Town Council and built upon previous asbestos management arrangements. The editable forms which accompany the plan are now used by Okehampton Town Council to successfully record all asbestos related matters. Environmental Services also use one of the preconstructed forms to report back to the Council with asbestos reinspection results.


Client Feedback

Environmental Services have made the process of updating our records and the management of asbestos within the properties easy and straightforward. They are always willing to assist and offer advice, and services are provided promptly and efficiently.